Christian Fondacci

The vision the Lord gave me is in the Apostolic and Prophetic trend dealt by him to the church of the twenty first century. During these years, the body of Christ lived his faith in the local church, wishing to see it grow. This is not a bad thing but so incomplete. It is obvious that it is important to see the local church prosper and it is the desire of numerous pastors; and yet, we can only admit failure in this field in most local churches. There are exceptions, that is to say, in ethnic churches and in some cases in regions where the Reformation was well established.
I think that times are changing as well as mentalities and needs. The role of the local church is to respond to these various needs by adapting itself to today’s society, without compromise concerning the word of God. At these times we must penetrate all the fields of society as Christians and plant in them the standard of Christ. We are called to reign, to dominate, according to what is written in Genesis1/28: “God blessed them and said to them “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”                   Why is this word still in force today?  Because Jesus erased the curse of sin! That’s what the word of God teaches us in Isaiah 53 and Colossians 2/13 to 15. We are to make the kingdom of God go ahead by taking our places as Christians in all the social circles: education, politics, show business, workers, business, and so on…! That is a strong and daring church! Here is our mission! Teaching and forming God’s people to become winners over the powers of darkness as well as over authorities on earth whatever they may be! The English translation even says that in Christ we are more than conquerors, while our French Bibles say “more than winners”. God’s people must become not only winners but conquerors!
The body of Christ must become violent (spiritually) to seize the kingdom of God on earth. We are co-heirs with Christ declares the Apostle Paul in Romans 8/17. Few Christians realize what it means! Many think that it is for future times when we are in Heaven, but it is a serious mistake, for at that time we won’t need anything anymore, for we will be in the fullness of eternity.
God’s people must find again faith in the promises of the word of God, concerning spiritual power, which allows us to make the army of Satan go backward in all fields: health, finances, family, job and so on…! I can do everything through him who gives me strength says the Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:13. I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well the Apostle John declares in 3 John 1:2. Each Christian has to enroll in the army of God in order to be a witness, not only by words but by acts, transformation and his quality of life.
Is trial excluded from our life? Not at all, since the word of God says that with the trial God sends its solution. Aren’t there fights anymore? Of course there are, since the Apostle Paul says to us to fight the good fight. But in all these trials, the word says to me that I am more than a winner, more than a conqueror, and when I feel weak, it reminds me that I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Here is our mission: forming God’s people to become conquerors and winners, that’s what Building a strong and daring church is!
My ministry is Apostolic and Prophetic, its aim is to prepare God’s people as a whole to enter a great harvest.
My various departments have the role to release a new fire in God’s people and to bring a new level of anointing.
I think that each child of God must walk in the prophetic field.
The local church must look for a prophetic anointing in order to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit.
The local church is dear to me, as well as God’s servants who very often find themselves alone in their fights, facing all kinds of difficulties. I have the deep desire to help them enter a ministry which bears fruit in abundance and, in this way, to propel the local church in growth.
I think that each “born again” Christian must manifest the gifts of the Spirit and take the authority Christ has given him over powers and dominations.
Each believer must become spiritually mighty and succeed in his family life and professional life.
Through the ministry the Holy Spirit gave me, preaching is attested by the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.
God anointed me especially in the prophetic field.
Prophecies I give from the Lord are precise, powerful; they transform and make those who receive them strong.
The Holy Spirit revealed me that a great harvest was ready to reap and that local churches must get ready for that. They must be, among other things,    equipped with the nine gifts of the Spirit and work in unity with the five apostolic ministries to harvest souls.

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