Biography of the ministry

Christian Fondacci

I was 8 years old when I encountered the Lord through my mother. She was an atheist when my father died, assassinated; she was looking for a solution; as she was examining the sky, she heard marvelous singing coming up from the street. She hurried down, and at that moment she met the Lord and never left Him. She led all the family to Christ.
As an eight-year-old little boy, I was shocked by this death, especially because I got informed about it on television and my life became upside down; it changed my personality, destabilizing me in my feelings, my emotions and my nerves. I became boisterous and unstable.

But the Lord had a plan for me and at the early age of 11 I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues as a sign. I had visions, felt the spiritual world and prophesied.  I must tell you that my mum was called to the ministry as a prophetess; she started at 70. Why so late? Because the religious circle she used to be in, didn’t acknowledge such a ministry and even less for women.
Unfortunately, as an adolescent I headed, like many young people to another direction: to night life. Satan was waiting for the chance to trip me up and I was going down to hell! Games, alcohol, women and I slipped in such circles, thinking I was getting higher, whereas I was diving into horror. I became a hoodlum and one day the Lord stretched his hand; I found myself in prison where I remembered God might help me. Like the prodigal son, I went back to my heavenly father who ran to me to take me in his arms; He forgave all my sins, freed me spiritually and freed me from prison.
Having left prison, I was given by the Lord a wife according to His heart, children and he made out of me a prosperous business man; but as the people of Israel in the desert, I went away from the lord. This time it was because of bankruptcy the Lord took me back; since then, in 1987 I didn’t leave my King anymore and followed Him. The intimacy I had with my Lord was so intense that I only felt like serving my God, who as a matter of fact, was calling me!
I began the ministry as a deacon and then became an elder, before starting being an evangelist; afterwards, I opened a local church with a friend who was spiritually a great help. At the same time, I created an outreach ministry added to the local church, and a Bible school, which formed disciples and ministries. For many years I was the pastor of a church with its three annexes and worked as an itinerant preacher to spread the Gospel. The call as a prophet and apostle was appearing little by little.
I was suffocating in the local church and I cried out to God in order to understand. I started again my job as a broker in the real estate field; after two years the Lord called me back to the ministry.
I started again the ministry in Italy and there the Lord did marvelous things, taking me from the North to the South of this country. I started a ministry on television, started a prophecy school with an apostle from there; in this school there were more than 150 students during 7 months. Then, I was called back to France by the Lord; here I started a prophetic and apostolic work with my association C.F.M. Christian Fondacci Ministry, the aim of which is to spread a revival in order to prepare God’s people to outreach by the power of the spiritual gifts.
At present, I go from one country to another with a prophetic team and created a net of revival churches: The Covenant of the Eagles. I am going on with my ministry on television in Italy and I have started my own TV by the Internet, which bears numerous fruit.
Signs, wonders and miracles attest the preached word. The Lord is asking me to start a spiritual move, the aim of which is to raise an army to serve God; a great number of people are impacted by my meetings and my programmes on television.

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